Headquarters Sant Martí

Barcelona | 2017

The new sociocultural centre and headquarters of the district aims is to contribute to the transformation of its environment and to the social cohesion of the neighborhood.
The project responds in a contemporary and precise way and settles the program under a criteria of functional ‘flexibility and versability’.

The proposal is presented as a ‘Miracle’s Box’, because of its central space. A multifunctional, dynamic and changing space allows any possible activity.
The ground floor is proposed as an open space, permeable and designed as an interior garden with an extended public environment full of activities and life.
This versatile space will open and public space onto the back street generating a neighbourhood plaza and improving connectivity to the Rambla Prim.

A mobile façade system will isolate and protect acoustically and visually the room when events require it. From the Alfons Magnànim street, the permeability of the ground floor, the lightness of the façade and the diagonal view of the interior garden, will allow you to sense or see the activity of the centre and will be keen to enter and participate.

With: Tuñón Arquitectos

Restricted Competition