Public Swimmingpool

Jesus | 2013

The landscape of this stretch of the River Ebre is characterized by olive groves, orange and carob trees, and maybe the most important thing is the strong wind.
The facility is located on the Jesus Road, between the Canal de l’Ebre and the Barranc de la Vall Cervera, outside the natural borders of the town and between the road and the landscape.
Then, the facade as a sharp boundary aligned to the road and conformed by units of steal slats, protects the spaces of the swimming pools from the traffic of the road, also from the gaze of the curious pedestrians and from the strong wind. This facade is a clear boundary between the public space of the road and the intimate outdoor space of the swimming pools.
A dialogue between two complementary realities: urban and landscape.

Photography: Pedro Pegenaute

Mies van der Rohe


FAD 2012

Biennale Architettura