Marlborough Gallery

Barcelona | 2013

Marlborough was founded in London in 1946, by Harry Lloyd and Harry Fisher. Nowadays is charied by Pierre Liev.In 2006 the Gallery in Barcelona was opened and now it has moved to a new headquarters in Enric Granados Street nº68.
This new location on a ground floor at Eixample Barcelona, was and old garage with 35mx4,5mx5m(h) and only natural light from the front façade.
A sequence of spaces that graduate the sense of privacy until you get to the back end, where the backyard bring a glimpse of bright natural light.
The mezzanine, defines a first space of exhibition as well as the reception and the small-format exhibition space. From the mezzanine where the library and offices are placed, diagonal views are stablished with the main spaces of exhibition.

Photography: Jesus Arenas