Vent de Nord

Figueres | 2016

This is an anthropized landscape of fields and canals, a landscape ruled by trails, roads and waterways … It is an environment in transformation, where the new Triple Sports Pavilion and its exteriors will become a meeting spaces, open to the citizens.
An unitary, sober and civic equipment, as a backdrop to the life of the city of Figueres, rather than a breakdown of sports equipment. Then, the new pavilion is an abstract space, based on a clear structure and a constructive system based on repetition.
The roof structure under which the entire program is accommodated, marks the rhythm of the south and west facades.
From the lobby, located on the north side, the access control, the bar and the stands facing the north are organized and with the possibility to acces directly from the parking area. Once the control is transferred, users access to the lower floor where the locker rooms and exit to indoor and outdoor courts are located.
The main value of the proposal consists on the intention to build more for less, through a rational and logical structural and constructive system (order and repetition), optimizing and taking advantage of natural resources (orientation, air circulation, sifted natural lighting, avoid heat losses in winter …). The true adaptation of the construction in the place where it is implemented and the functional needs and requirements guarantee the comfort of its spaces, the good maintenance and durability of the building means energy and economic savings. Consume 0.

With: Tuñón Arquitectos