House 09

Girona | 2017

The house ‘’ casa 09’’ is situated in a residential area of Girona – a neighbourhood of single family houses with garden.

We propose a compact design consisting of a square floor plan and two levels. The stair and patio on the ground floor structure all of spaces around them. The living room, dining room and kitchen face the garden. The garage and a study lie opposite the hall. The patio and void of the stair organize the upper floor rooms and illuminate them with zenithal light.

The structure has been solved with four L-shaped corners and eight pillars forming the central hall. These are stiffened out on the first floor by a box of laminated timber.

The façade with its burned wooden battens preserves the privacy of the upper rooms. On the four sides of the ground floor, copper enhances the detail. The burned wood and the copper are striking materials that will weather over the course of time, but maintain the effectiveness of their complementarity. The rough, dark wood will lighten and the shiny, reflective copper will turn dark matt.
Photography: José Hevia