Stratford Waterfront

London | 2017

Masterplan Architects: Allies and Morrison

Co-Architects: O’Donnell + Tuomey | Arquitecturia Camps Felip

Stratford Waterfront is a new neighbourhood that will enable some of the world’s leading cultural and educational institutions to reach out into the east London boroughs that hosted the Olympic Games. This important legacy investment will create new venues for Sadler’s Wells, UAL’s London College of Fashion and the Victoria & Albert Museum, as well as a significant number of new homes, retail space, a high-quality public realm and additional cultural/community spaces that extend the Park’s reach while inviting residents and visitors alike to participate in an exciting cross-pollination of culture, education and research. The masterplan achieves this through accessible and porous architecture that is welcoming to people of all walks of life.

Cultural Center


Tortosa | 2013