Gran Via

Barcelona | 2016

Co-architects: Aureli Mora + Omar Ornaque | AMOO

The Filmax Cinemas in Gran Vía, located within the Gran Vía 2 shopping centre. The client seeks a project to straighten up the cinemas by optimising their functioning and offering an experience which goes beyond what happens inside the room.

The conventional concept of the ticket window is eliminated, at the main bar, the public can now buy the tickets as well as popcorn, drinks and others, making a single queue. The barriers have been eliminated, delaying the access and opening the hall, taking over the entire floor and easing a fluid circulation.

The whole false ceiling is demolished in a way that the steps’ slabs section stand on the hall, enriching the concept of the entrance to the cinemas. Given the great height in some points, it is opted for a comfort height of 2.70m, as far as all the elements and coatings will arrive.

The experience of entering the cinemas is, amongst other things, the change from light to darkness. At a height of 2.70m, a sub-structure is created to support all the arranged lighting in continuous strips that, with their zig-zag, guide the spectator from the doors to the entrance of the rooms.

Within the set of reticulated geometry, it is opted for a singular, dissonant and wheeled element, which will be the sweet trolley. This element can vary its position depending on the day and the use of the rooms.

Photography:  José Hévia